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Expose Google doc content as JSON


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I'm working on Edge Delivery Services via Document-based authoring (Google Docs). I want to expose my content in Google Docs as JSON. How can I do this? 

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Hi @SahilDh1 
      You can use Google Spreadsheet which will return the content in JSON format if you click the preview button in the spreadsheet you can see JSON data.
You can try this way.




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AEM Geeks has a great tutorial on YouTube about this. As mentioned in the other comment, you can use spreadsheets for your use case.

Here is the tutorial link.

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Hi @SahilDh1 For exposing the content which is already in the form of excel, you can directly do it as stated by @Ana-Ensemble.

For getting the data which is in the form of the google docs here you can create the custom index definition and then use it with the selected fields which could be leveraged outside.

Example - https://github.com/adobe/theblog/blob/master/helix-query.yaml


Other way could be use of the content fragment and consume those within your EDS application for creation of the page. This way the query based content optimization delivery can also be targeted.


Hope this helps!