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Tag doesn't fire even though Rule is fired


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I have just implemented DTM to a website. The website uses WordPress, and I'm using the official Adobe DTM plugin.

In DTM, I've set up the Adobe Analytics tool and one Page Load Rule that will fire on all pages. I've published all of the changes already.

When I test my website (in Google Chrome using the DTM extension), using Debug mode, I can see in my browser's console that the rule is fired:

"SATELLITE: Rule "All Pages" fired."

But I don't see any network request to Adobe Analytics. My report suite also continues to show 0 data even though people are accessing it. (And I know people are accessing because I have GA in the website and can see non-0 data there.)

Thinking that it's because one of my data elements was incorrectly set, I used _satellite.getVar() with every data element, and I could see non-blank values. However, I did notice that when I used _satellite.getVars(), I got this JavaScript error:

satelliteLib-<ID>.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at Object.b.each (http://assets.adobedtm.com/<ID>/satelliteLib-<ID>.js:2:2331)
    at Object.b.getVars (http://assets.adobedtm.com/<ID>/satelliteLib-<ID>.js:2:12853)
    at <anonymous>:2:12
    at Object.InjectedScript._evaluateOn (<anonymous>:895:140)
    at Object.InjectedScript._evaluateAndWrap (<anonymous>:828:34)
    at Object.InjectedScript.evaluate (<anonymous>:694:21)

I'm not sure if the JS error is related to my problem.

Does anyone know what else I can do to get my Adobe Analytics tag to actually fire and send its network request?

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Hi Yuhui,

Could you paste a snapshot of how your rule and analytics tool is setup?