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SATELLITE: detected tabblur on #document) issue


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I am working on tagging carousel chevrons (next and prev)  but when I click on the arrows they appear to be registering in the console as "SATELLITE: detected tabfocus on #document" or "SATELLITE: detected tabblur on #document". They do not register as a click event. I tried using element exists but that didn't help and I don't want to tag the event with either a tab focus/blur.

Can you please suggest how to track this as a click or any other event type that i can use.

What could be stopping DTM from identifying this as a click?

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Level 10

Hi ,

We would need to see the how the Carousel is designed i.e. CSS structure of the page to comment further on this.Generally "SATELLITE: detected tabfocus on #document" is detected in the browser console when we move to  current browser tab from other browser tab. It is strange that the same is detected for a click event.

Can you please share the test URL of the page on which carousel is implemented ?. This will provide us a view of css structure of the page and we can then provide a solution for your problem?


Parit Mittal


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I think this could also occur if the javascript function handling the carousel is doing a 'return false' which prevents the event from bubbling up to DTM.


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Were you able find a solution to this question? If so, I'd like to mark an answer correct in case others have the same question.


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Hi, I am currently having the same issue where link tags are not being tracked as clicks by SATELLITE, but as tabblur or tabfocus, so I can't properly create an event based rule for the click events that I need.

Was there ever a resolution to this question?


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Did we get any solution to this? I am also facing the same problem,