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Hello I am trying to fire individual tags per section when the div class is equal to" active" . What I did was to create an event based rule that fires when it enter the view port, however the tag does fire, but it only fires once, I need the tag to fire every time the specific div has the active class, not only one time but all of the times.
Is there any way to do this on DTM ?

The page is not on production yet, so I can not share the link, but the page behaves exactly like this one :


I will really appreciate if someone can help on this one 🙂



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Yabagna,

The problem you are facing from DTM is that you want to trigger events *not* by what the user does (clicks, hovers, etc), but rather by what your site is showing the user i.e  fire tags when particular div class is active.Hence, In the above scenario  Direct call based rule would be ideal to use instead of Event based rule.

Your Javascript / Jquery making the div class "Active" should make a call: something like _satellite.track('div_active_call ') and then In DTM, create a direct rule and for the condition put div_active_call in the String field and fill out the adobe analytics portion of the screen like you would with any other rule. Please refer the following link for more information on direct call based rules.

Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal

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