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Exciting Audiences Update - Props & Default Variables, Workflow Improvements, and More


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Community Members,

I've got some exciting news to share with you today. Product management has partnered with the community team to ensure our members are updated on the latest and greatest. Below you'll find a summary of the changes and their impact.

What is Changing?

Additional Functionality

Backed by popular demand, Analytics props and default variables are making their entrance into Experience Cloud (formerly Marketing Cloud) audiences. You read that correctly, real-time audiences will now include the ability to select Analytics props and default variables in addition to eVars and events. What does this mean for you? This means you are no longer limited in your variable selection and you no longer have to send hit level data in an eVar if you're only doing so to create a real-time audience

Workflow Improvements

Audience sharing should be simple and seamless. Current workflows are rigid, complex, and confusing at times. For example, in the current interface, users can set up rules that appear to be specific to a report suite. However, since Experience Cloud audiences are created at the Experience Cloud level, they are report suite agnostic. The report suite is only used to pull back which variables are enabled along with their friendly names for the user's convenience.

After the release, you will only need to select the report suite once, regardless of how many rules you'd like to add to the audience.


As part of Adobe's commitment to improving our integrations, we have been working hard to improve API performance and implement caching where it makes sense. This means you'll see less loading modules and more time creating experiences for your customers.

When Is it coming?

Tentatively, this update is scheduled for the end of May. As always, dates are subject to change without notice.

Let us know what you think below. Our product team will be monitoring the thread and accepting feedback. If you have questions about this post or any other audiences topic, post a question on the audiences topic.


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