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Target Reporting with and without A4T based on Implementation with WebSDK


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Hi People, 

I'm working on an Adobe Target Implementation for the WebSDK. 

The delivery of different mboxes/decisionScopes works fine for me.


When doing reporting directly in Adobe Target (no a4t) I want to confirm, that every time I do "sendEvent" (like in the following code) :

1. The response will contain all activities of the local-mbox ("click-mbox") where the conditions set in Adobe Target are true (of course only in the target environment, that is configured in the data stream)

2. Additionally, all metrics will be counted up for activities, where a goal is "has seen mbox" (in this case "click-mbox") 

alloy("sendEvent", {
     renderDecisions: true,
     xdm: { ...},
     decisionScopes: ["click-mbox"]


Is my understanding correct? 


Additionally.. If I'm only interested in counting up custom click-mboxes that I added as goals:

I could do the following and it would count up correctly, right?

alloy("sendEvent", {
     decisionScopes: ["click-mbox"]




Coming to reporting in A4T: 

From the documentation I understand, that no SDID is necessary anymore.

My current status is, that I have 2 "__view__" decisionScopes (aka. Global-mBoxes) and 3 form-based experiences  with custom decisionScopes (local-mboxes). 


The global mBoxes are configured in a way, that we have renderDecision: true 

Hence they get executed directly when coming back via the response. 

With this additionally we get an event, which indicates that the proposition was displayed: 

eventType: "decisioning.propositionDisplay",


My first question: 
Is this event (and also the "propositionInteract") mainly relevant for AEP-related tools or is there also an A4T-Metric in Adobe Analytics or an Adobe Target-metric that is filled based on that? 


The second thought: 
The "form-based"-experiences are not rendered automatically (as written in the documentation). 

I have to write code to make it happen, which is also documented. 


From a reporting perspective I realized, that A4T-related metrics are counted up for those local-mBoxes within Adobe Analytics already, when they are just downloaded to the client.

Unfortunately, the download does not necessarily indicate the impression, since there are sometimes certain conditions (evaluated during runtime) that prevent the render from happening.


What is the recommended way to go here, to have "real" impressions? Just create an additional custom impression metric and trigger a servercall to AA via websdk, once the impression is confirmed on the client? 

Can maybe even this eventType:"propositionDisplay" help?



I hope my questions make sense and somebody has an answer to them, 






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