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Set Traffic Allocation is appearing different in reporting


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Having issues where we are seeing discrepancies in our Adobe Target A/B campaign that has been running for a few weeks.


It went live at 100% of all users at a 50/50 split using the default all visitors audience. However our reporting in both Target and Analytics has been telling a different story and we have been seeing a lot more unique users in Experience A then Experience B.


In summary this is an A/B test with no re-directs just injecting content in our B Experience. We originally saw the below over the course of the first week:



We decided to stop the experience then duplicate it. However after a few weeks later we are still accounting the same issue although its started to level out, please see analytics results below:



Does anyone know what could be the cause / reason behind this?

As I would expect it to be closer than 42/58 Split.

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