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Native App Mobile - profileParameters


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For the mobile app- Native implementation we are trying to add a banner dismissal code so that we know that user has dismissed this banner and they should see the next activity in the list. After following the Adobe documentation we are sending it as profile parameters as you can see below request but for some reason, the profile is not getting attached to the user so we don't know if the user has dismissed the banner or not and the user seeing the same banner again and again.

Also - In the target, I don't see user.mobile_banner_dismissed_clicked_AS00839_AI_SA_ALL_SG_DM_ACAI0240_XT is coming back so I am not sure what I am doing wrong here.

Any more questions let me know


Any help would be highly appreciated as I am stuck don't know how to move forward. Please help

"execute" : {
    "mboxes" : [
        "index" : 0,
        "name" : "dashboardMiddle_NonsecureAccT3",
        "parameters" : {
          "a.OSVersion" : "Android 2.0"


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