Loading content on second page only if seen first.

michaelc8623398 08-12-2016


I am trying to run a campaign where visitors are shown a banner on the homepage and then they will see a another banner later in the journey.  However, since users can access the journey from a number of sources we are finding that a lot more customers would be entered in the second mbox without seeing the banner on the homepage.  I was wondering if anyone knew of a way you could put a restriction on the second mbox saying only show banner if customers have seen the first.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

ParitMittal 18-01-2017

Hi MIchael,

 Does the above Answer helps to answer your query ?. If yes, You can go ahead and mark this query as resolved.

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Parit Mittal

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

ParitMittal 15-01-2017

Hi Michael,

I have confirmed from consulting team from Target and yes, there is a way to know the experience user has seen by loading a nested mbox in the Target offer that passes a profile parameter to store the experience.

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Parit Mittal

ParitMittal 13-01-2017

Hi ,

As of now there isn't a way to know  which experience user have seen. However I would confirm it once from Product Management & engineering and let you know.

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Parit Mittal

michaelc8623398 12-01-2017

Hi Parit, 

Thank you for your response.  I was thinking something along these lines.  In step 1, is there any way that you know of to specify that they must have seen Experience B?  

As I believe, the way you have created the profile scripts they will include all visitors that see the mbox named Home_Page_Banner.   In this case, only 50% will be shown a new banner (these are the only people we want to see the second banner)

Many thanks,

ParitMittal 11-01-2017

Hi Michael / Peter,

 One of the solutions to this problem would be to set a profile on users who see the banner on the homepage. Target the second banner to users who have seen the first banner.  Please follow the below steps to achieve the same.

1. Create a profile script named  "Home_Page_Banner"  and in that  return a value to this profile for customers who have seen this banner.Please see below:

2. Create another profile script named "Second_Page_Banner" to check if that user have seen the first banner or not  and then return a value accordingly i.e. "ShowSecondBanner" or "NotShowSecondBanner"

3. After All the set up , You can create an Audience named as "SecondPageBanner" and add "Visitor Profile" as a rule and then choose the above created profile script "user.Second_Page_Banner"  as the refinement.

4. Finally Apply the Audience created above to an Activity.

 Please see the following links for more information on creating profile scripts .




Thanks & Regards

Parit Mittal