Issue in replacing old experience fragments with new one using AB test



I have  40 pages using default version of experience fragment in footer component , 30 pages using light version of experince fragment and remaining 30 pages using dark version of experince fragment.

Now we have developed new footer  component and created normal, dark and light versions .We exported it to Adobe Target so that we can replace old one with new one.

Now my issue is - How we can replace old one with new ones so that there should be one to one mapping?

old light version with new light version for all pages containing light version of XF.

old dark version with new dark version for all pages containing dark version of XF.

Please note: we have randomly include dark/light footers in pages..there is no url pattern


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@samik94204487 Are these Experience Fragments being used in any of the Target activities? If yes, then could edit the activity and replace the old Experience fragment offer with the new ones.



Karan Dhawan