Is there a query string key/value pair that will exclude a user from ALL Target campaigns

will_lanni 20-10-2016


We have a visual regression system that takes snapshots of a set of pages and compares them to baselines.

We have constant false positive failures due to the different campaigns and A/B testing we're doing.

We have a need to be able to exclude our visual regression test (running PhantomJS) from all campaigns--basically ALWAYS default, regardless of the campaign, without having to update our test script, as this would require constant updates. (we run a lot of tests).

Is this possible? Is there a query string for debugging, e.g ?target=off or something of that nature?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

will_lanni 20-10-2016

OK, I discovered that for at.js the following query string disables mboxes:


I'll keep looking to see if there's another for the older mbox.js, if anyone knows for sure that there is that would be fantastic. Thanks.

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