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What I am trying to achieve is give our business team permission to create/edit/delete and activate rules for only our staging environment

example :

Then when they have finalized their tests, have other person activate it for live production environment



Currently we had to deny 'activate' rights to them because of the risk of harming production. The down side is I have to activate/deactivate their rules 15 times a day while they develop them. (their rules are manually configured restrict to our staging site).


Am I missing something? There must be a better way for the team to test their rules without having to ask me to activate it? If i give them permission to activate, then I can not guarantee that they wont abuse that privilege push to production without IT being aware (and potentially causing a site outage).


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Lets talk about permissions. You do need Target Premium in order to do this elegantly. If you have it you can have separate permissions for those who are allowed to push live on stage and those who are allowed to push to live on prod by using properties, user groups, and workspaces. Here is the short version of how to do it:

1. Setup two properties: "Stage Env" & "Prod Env"
2. Add domain: to "Stage Env" and to "Prod Env"
3. Update code on website and to identify them to the correct Environment by specifying the property.
4. Set up two user Groups: "Stage People" & "Prod People"
5. Add users to their respective group "Stage People" or "Prod People" based on what they should be able to push live.
6. Create two workspaces (product profiles): "Stage Workspace" & "Prod Workspace" and add the corresponding Properties and User Groups into the appropriate Workspace.

For more in-depth walkthrough take a look at the office hours presentation I put together here:

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