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Delay on firing the at-content-rendering-succeeded event


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We are facing an issue in our websites, that causes a random delay on loading pages. We are trying to figure out which is causing that the page gets stopped up to 8 seconds, in a completely random way. Sometimes, page loads instantly, sometimes it stops 5 seconds, sometimes 8… What all of them have in common, is that they have an Activity in Adobe Target, or at least, there is a call to Adobe Target, although there is no activity to apply.

We have debugged directly in the browser, and we have seen that the event “at-content-rendering-succeeded” event, that the at.js library throws, sometimes takes too much time to fire, even when there is nothing to apply to the website.

Our doubt is: if there is no offer to apply to the website because Adobe Target says there is no Activity on that website, why the call and the event “at-content-rendering-succeeded” takes so much time to be fired? And our second question would be: for that event (rendering-succeeded), what thing causes it to fire? I mean, from the library point of view, when does it consider that the page is rendered, in order to fire the “at-content-rendering-succeeded”. Which is the “trigger”?

Thanks a lot for your help.

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