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Hello -

I want to use Target to help create a customer journey.  For example:

  • visitor comes to the site for the first time, we want to show an intro video
  • 2nd visit, we want to show a white paper
  • 3rd visit, we want to recommend products
  • 4th visit, ....

First... I can do this through Target, right? 

I read this post and think maybe this answers my questions, but it's over 18 months old, so want to make sure: Loading content on second page only if seen first.

It basically says I create a profile for each step, then make the previous step's audience be the audience for the next step.  Is that right?  So I would use experience targeting and create an activity for each step in the journey?  Or could I do it all in one activity? 



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Accepted Solutions (1)





That post is still accurate. If you wanted to do it all in one activity and if you have access to this activity type you could set up an Experience Targeting (XT) activity that way you woudl be able to define individual audiences for each experience. I hope this has been helpful.

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