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at.js 2.1.1 with remote offers not working.


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Hello Team,

I'm using the latest version of at.js 2.1.1 but facing issues with remote offers?

I've set up the test experience using forms-based composer and injecting the image content in the mbox location. mbox is hardcoded in the page like below.


if (typeof adobe === 'object' && typeof adobe.target === 'object')



"mbox": "mbox_name",

"success": function(offer) {

console.log("mbox_name_offer_name", offer);


   "mbox": "mbox_name",

   "offer": offer 



  "error": function(status, error) {          

console.log('Error - status', status);  

console.log('Error - error', error);





Using Activity QA, I'm using the URL generated by Target for viewing the variations like

for Experience A


for Experience B


and checking in a browser like


but not able to see any experience in the browser whereas, in the browser's network tab, I can see the correct JSON payload request for this mbox with content which of html type.

Any help really appreciated

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