Activity based on segment created in analytics

bipink88608443 03-10-2018

We are trying to create experiences in target whose audience is a segment created in analytics. Analytics is tracking another e-commerce website and cart price.

Segments in analytics are created based on the following rule.

If total cart price is between 0-500 falls in bucket 1

If total cart price is between 500-1000 falls in bucket 2

and rest in bucket 3.

These segments are available as audience while creating the activity. The problem is that when cart value changes in the website, experiences are not getting delivered as per the above rules.

We have tried deleting cookies , changing the priorities for activities, combining the audiences but no luck.

Please help.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pranavkaushik 03-10-2018

Hi Bipin,

If you are using analytics created segment in target the audience becomes actionable with a delay of 24-48 hours and its not real time.

Also these historical audience always include return visitors.

You can find the same documented in

Audience creation options in Adobe Experience Cloud

Hope this helps.



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