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Target Standard - show metrics names, show multiple metrics, more characters in campaign name


Level 2


I just tried out Target Standard. Here 3 enhancement requests to consider:

1. Show the metrics names on the Reports tab. If I have multiple metrics, I can't see which one is selected on the Reports tab because no metrics name shows up.

2. Allow all metrics to show up in the table on the reports view, like the "success metrics" report in Target Classic.

3. Allow more characters in the campaign name in Target Standard. Our team has developed a naming convention and I couldn't quite follow our naming standard because there weren't enough characters allowed. 



Level 2


In the Target Standard Reports, adding these requests for enhancement.

4. Add a way to see the raw, daily data in a table. I'd like to be able to see daily Visitors, raw numbers for daily success metrics, and daily conversion rate in a table. (Can currently do this in Target Classic.)

5. Be able to graph the daily visitors and/or the daily number of success metrics, not just the conversion rate. (Can currently do this in Target Classic.)