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It would be great if we could split criteria in Test and Target. In some cases I have two or more activities I want to have running on the site, but wouldn't want them to have an equal distribution. I would want one to be shown to 75% of customers, and the other to 25% (for example). It would be good to be able to control what experience people get when the come to the site.

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Hi Garen. You can take a look at this post which talks about something similar. Maybe that can help with your use case.

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This is a great feature request and I'm happy you submitted it. Here is a clever way to kind of get what you want for now. Lets say you want to have Criteria1 75% and Criteria2 25% The hack would be to add Criteria1 three times in a row and then finally add Criteria2 as the fourth. The system will evenly distribute between them however since the first three are really the same it will end up being Criteria1 75% and Criteria2 25% it would look something like this:

Criteria1 25%
Criteria1 25%

Criteria1 25%

Criteria2 25%

Hope this helps!

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