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Report for each page in page delivery option




I have created activity with changes in CTA text (get offer changed to avail offer) on https://www.xyz.pqr page and I'm using page delivery option to deliver same experience on another two pages with goal "clicks on CTA". 

Currently, Adobe target provides click tracking of pages all together, which is difficult to under which page caused more conversion.

To Avoid this I'll need to create three different activities to track clicks separately and conclude performance of each page which is time taking process.

It will be very helpful if we get report of each page separately in single activity. 



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Hi @Gaureshk_Kodag 

We can define a form based a4t activity.  On the click of CTA button il append some tid param with any value specific for each page . So il have 3 tid values for 3 pages . Now in analytics i can fire an evar that captured those tid values . Using reports I can fetch report which evar tid value (page CTA ) drives more conversion. Let me know if that makes sense.

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