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Product Configurations Mapping Does not Sync Both Ways. Enterprise Dashboard & Individual Tools


Level 2


The below is an example of Target Premium, however the issue encompasses other Adoeb Marketing Tools as well


IU: Adobe Enterprise Dashboard --> Products

IU: Target Premium --> Setup --> Users



When a user is added to a particular Target product configuration on the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard, for example as "Editor",  then their access is mapped accurately on the Target Premium user management dashboard (they appear as "editor" in this case)


When the user's access level if changed in Target UI, example from "editor" to "observer", then the user's access is not synced back with Enterprise user management dashboard. On the Adobe Enterprise Dashboard the user appears to still belong to the product configuration with the "editor" access.


It is out of sync and does not give administrators one source of truth / one console in terms of user access 



a) Enable sync between the tools both ways.




b) Disable user management in Target UI (keep as a FYI only)








Hi Marina,this is expected behavior for Analytics. There is only a one way sync, in that changes made in the Enterprise Dashboard (now labelled "Admin Console") are synced to Analytics' user management section and not the other way around; changes made to a user's group assignment in Analytics are not reflected back in the Admin Console.


We are planning to begin migrating customers off of user and group management in Analytics to the Admin Console; this would allow Admins like you who may be managing users and permissions across multiple Marketing Cloud solutions to perform all those actions within a single console. Post-migration, the Marketing Cloud-wide Admin Console would be the source of truth for user/permission management and user management within Analytics will be disabled, like you suggested. The migration is slated to be a phased affair, and admins will be offered ample, advance notice of the migration. 


Level 2


That would be awesome!


I am very looking forward to having one place where we can manage all our users


Do you have the timeline fo rrollin it out?




Hi Marina, we are aiming at a Q2 start date for the migration's first phase. Since we are planning on migrating customers in phases, the exact start date for a specific Analytics login company is TBD; admins will be notified of the exact timeline/process well in advance.