Include additional verification when editing live activities



Currently there are no additional steps when editing activity that is live than one that is inactive. In this way any edits to a live test are set to live by saving the changes. At the same time there is no indication that this is a live test while on the edit screen. Both combine to a high risk of introducing updates directly to a live test.


I would recommend two updates. First, all edits get reviewed before set to active. In the case of experiences that are already live the best action would be to have any update to an activity move the experience back to inactive along with a prompt explaining the move. This allows an opportunity for review updates before setting those live. Second, include the status of an experience in all edit screens. This will allow for a visual indication on if this test is currently either active or inactive.


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@robertg79793464 In the overview screen of the Target activity, the status is displayed. However, this is not shown on all the edit screens.

You could probably raise this as an Idea of Communities, such that our product team can review this.



Karan Dhawan



Thanks for the response @karandhawan 

This post is already in the 'ideas' section for Target. Are you recommending I add it elsewhere? If so, could you give more guidance or link to where that would be?