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Have Target capture any strings it can't accept and show errors appropriately




Have run into the issue of a user submitting a character that isn't accepted by the Target API (some even when url encoded), are showing as successfully updated, yet the entire profile is getting thrown out.

Examples: comma, newline, period, and ampersand.

It would be most helpful if Target would capture any strings it can't accept and push errors back to us. As it stands right now, Target reports back total success for that profile update. No error is raised. Yet, the profile is completely thrown out and none of the segments get updated.

We have no way of knowing there was an issue and the profile didn't get updated because the Target API incorrectly reports that it did get updated.

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FYI, if you URL-encode the entire batch contents after "batch=" , then you should not be seeing such issues.The issue is that the URL parameters (batch=...&test) are parsed by the servlet container and the batch parameter value is "truncated" (from the user's perspective) before the Target code even sees the parameters, so this is not something Target can even detect as an error.