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Global Attributes similar to Profile Attributes


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Hi there,

A few business scenarios to consider:

1. You want to show how many customers have bought a specific product, on corresponding Product details page

2. You want to show a unique voucher code to every visitor

3. You want to show current stock left for a product

If you see, all these scenarios require to setup a Global Attribute which is similar to Profile Attributes but unlike Profile Attributes, its not associated with a user-profile - rather its associated with either an Account or a Property.

Would be great if Adobe can allow creating such Global attributes so that

1. these can be set from within Profile Scripts (instead of using user. or profile., we use global.propertyname.)

2. similar to Customer Attributes you can also upload data.

3. later, we can access these Global attributes from within Offer code - something similar to below:


In scenario #1 above, we can create a Global Attribute for product sold such as black_trousers_sold and set it up to the latest value using an offline data upload. From there, customer visiting Black Trousers page will see the latest value of Global Attribute fetched dynamically and when a sale is completed, Profile Script updates the Global Attribute - incrementing it by 1.

Similarly other 2 scenarios can be achieved by setting and fetching Global attributes at different stages of customer interactions.

Hoping to hear everyone's views on this idea