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give us date/time field(s) for Recommendations entity metadata


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In many media fields, the biggest factor driving engagement with a video is recency - users want to see something as close to when it happens as possible, and don't care about it more than a couple days later (because there's more new stuff rolling in!). We want a way to use "recency" for an entity as part of a Recommendations Criteria.

We are currently working through workarounds with existing custom fields, including things like:

  • a unix timestamp that turns date-times into integers so we can use "less than/greater than" operators
  • a field for "daysSincePublished" or "hoursSincePublished" that can similarly use mathematical operators

But any of these options requires either the criteria or the metadata to be updated on a consistent basis (daily, or hourly if we want to maintain that granularity).

What would be way cooler is if we had date-time entity metadata field(s) that could interpret rolling operators such as "datePublished within last X days" or "dateTimePublished within Y hours" so that we can set up collections and criteria that always focus on our most recent entities, without needing to constantly update fields in the entity metadata uploads or in criteria UI.