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Feature to extend audience +10, +20, +50, +100 miles of one Zip Code


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Issue: In order for me to create an audience that looks for visors within a 100 mile radius I end up having to make an audience filled with zip codes or city names.

Feature: Please create a feature that allows me to quickly build an audience form the UI where by I specific the zip code and then select the option to extend that audience to 10, 20, 50, 100 miles of that zip code.

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@MihneaD  - this was a great suggestion, was it picked up by development? I just voted for it; however, not sure if that will have any impact. 


I'm leaving my example here in case prod dev comes across this idea.

I have a request from a client to target everybody within a 10 mile radius across several countries.

I'm not sure how well zip code would work in other countries (some countries do not have zip codes), and I wonder if wonder if latitude/longitude would work better?

These are 4 actual examples of places we'd like to target within 10 or 20 mile radius.


Moshi, Lema Road, Shanty Town, Moshi, TANZANIA (no zip code here)  -3.324647, 37.318282


Istanbul Kucukcekmece TURKEY (no zip here either) 41.038752, 28.782118


Rua Egberto F. De A. Camargo,Campinas, Sp,13092621 BRAZIL  -22.894054, -47.002443


Brooklyn, NY zip 11225