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Create the ability to search by Target Activity ID in the main activities list





While our users try to adhere to standard  naming conventions for Target activities, the names are not fixed and may be adjusted throughout the lifecycle of the activity (Development, QA, Production, Completion). The only permanent identifier seems to be the Activity ID, however it is also useless because you cannot search by it.

Why is this feature important to you
Being able to search by Activity ID would also give us a permanent way to refer to activities in other documentation where it would be impractical to keep updating the name.
Please note that changing the name of the activity based on the status of the activity before and after launch was a recommended approach from our Adobe consultants.


How would you like the feature to work

Enter the activity ID in the Target UI activity search box and return the specified activity.

Current Behaviour

The search tool only works with activity names at the moment.