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Adobe Target Recommendations Functionality Request


Level 2


We need the ability to insert adobe recommendations the same way we do with normal target experiences. By selecting an existing div on the page with the “Modifications > CSS Selector” functionality.

Here’s what I want to see in Adobe Recommendations:

css element selector.jpg

  • An action type of “Recommendations” should be in the drop down, which would negate the need to insert HTML into that “content” field.

A few things I’m noticing, and this issue will only grow as we add, redesign, and update more recommednations to the site:

  • Every time a designer or developer changes the structure--and in some instances, minor coding changes-- to landing pages, all the recommendations on those edited pages have the potential to disappear.

  • The current way of adding recommendations in Target--clicking on an element and inserting the recommendations before or after-- is not reliable. Even if the product recommendations looks good live, it can affect other areas of the page slightly (adding margins and what not the the header, for instance). This is usually because the place you inserted the recommendations was not ideal.

      • These issues would not happen if we could pinpoint our Divs dedicated to target on the pages with the element selector.
  • Lastly, the "Preview" tab does not work. It never shows the Recommendations previewed on the intended landing page.