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Adobe Target Activity Audience Accessibility


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While setting up the audience for a Target activity, the experience cloud interface provides two options (create audience under) – 1. Audience Library or, 2. Activity-Only Audience.

01.PNGIt would be instrumental to add a new option while dealing with audience creation for your Test where user can move the audience from ‘Activity-Only Audience’ group to the ‘Audience Library’.

This feature will be helpful in case user inadvertently creates audience under ‘Activity-Only Audience’ for a Test setup and later realizes that the created Audience will also be utilized by other Target Test Activities. In this situation, user looks for some option that will make this task easy to move their audience from ‘Activity-Only Audience’ to ‘Audience Library’ which will ultimately set this audience available to other Target Activities.

Current interface only facilitates with a flow of actions where user might have to delete this audience from ‘Activity-Only Audience’ list and then will have to recreate it under ‘Audience Library’. Apparently, this would not be effortless if you are setting up a composite audience. An instance where user might have faced recreation of their Test Audience based on Geo-locations with 40+ values. 


The movement from Test specific audience to account library will not only ease such situations but will also allow users to combine with other audiences present in the library. Since, with the option Combine Multiple Audiences, user can only combine audiences present in Audience Library but if user is also looking to add Activity-Only audiences in this combination then this will certainly allow them to achieve the goal. This may not support how combined audience works but I hope the option to expand the audience accessibility from ‘Activity only’ to the ‘Activity Library’ will help users.


Khushboo Kalia

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This would be a very useful feature - I've just encountered the issue described above, where I need to rebuild a set of complex geo-targeting audiences as they were originally built as 'Activity-only'.