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Add additional operators to apply "Search" criteria in Target API


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Description - Add some additional search operators (like Text, DateTime, Numeric, Boolean operators) to Target API in-order to apply search criteria to retrieve multiple records.

Why is this feature important to you - This feature is crucial as it empowers users to fine-tune their searches effectively, enabling them to extract multiple records that precisely match their criteria. By expanding the available operators, we enhance the user experience, making it more versatile and efficient in retrieving the desired data, ultimately boosting productivity.

How would you like the feature to work - I would like the feature to provide users with an extended set of operators, such as logical operators (AND, OR, NOT), comparison operators (>, <, =), wildcard operators (*, ?), and grouping operators (parentheses). Users should be able to combine these operators to create complex search queries, allowing for a more granular and tailored data retrieval process. Additionally, a user-friendly interface with clear documentation would facilitate ease of use.

Current Behaviour - Users are allowed to either apply "equal to" OR "not equal to" basic operators while they are applying search criteria to read activities from Target.