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Add a "Winner” badge, or indicate a Target activity winner to A4T Analysis Workspace report.


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Description: Please add a "Winner" badge, or indicate a Target activity winner to the A4T Analysis Workspace report.


Why is this feature important to you - Simple In-your-face results! 


It was there before turning on A4T, and now it is not. The customer got used to using it, and now they have to lift to determine the winner.


How would you like the feature to work - When using A4T to report on a Target activity, indicate which test the winner is of the test in the report.


Current Behaviour: Once a customer swaps to A4T, the Target UI uses Analytics data for reporting. I'm told the auto winner indicator, and the green star is missing from the Target UI after swapping to A4T. 



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@I-5 Done! I'm following this space to know more updates, I will get an email when there's a comment on this thread. You got it?