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Ability in VEC to edit dynamically generating HTML


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It would be so helpful if we get ease to edit dynamically generating html elements, in VEC itself. As we were trying to change color of CTA on popup, Since popup html is getting generated after click event, target modification are unable to find CTA until click event happens and shows error in modifications tab (Element not found).

There are ways to edit dynamically generating elements with event based mbox call with help of adobe launch, but if possibly we get this ability to specify event in VEC itself and edit dynamic elements as easily as we edit different elements in VEC just by clicking on it would be great functionality.

In short we would like to get option for specifying event in VEC itself and apply modifications after event happens. So that a non technical person would be able to setup complex things with ease and it would become more user friendly for them (For example : Change CTA color after click event happens)


Gauresh Kodag.



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