XT click to landing page access controls



I am creating Activities with form composed Experience Targeting.  The page displaying the ad is behind a login but when you click you go to a landing page (different sub-domain) where the user can access a special offer available only to qualified users.  The problem is that the landing page is outside of the login controls.  I want to block unauthorized users from accessing or sharing this landing page.

The landing page includes at.js.  Is there a way to set up the activity so that the landing page (and confirmation page) are only available to users who clicked on the ad and are a qualified audience?  We have had problems with people sharing the link with non-customers or non-qualified customers.

Right now, we are planning to add JS to forward the page if the user doesn't come from the logged in page displaying the ad but I'm hoping Target has a better process.






Set up a re-direct from the landing page  to another page as a separate activity targeted to visitors who did not see the ad, and make sure this is a higher priority than the other activities.

Hope this is helpful!