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VEC - use audience targeting instead of page delivery to set URL


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Good Morning,

I have a question about Page delivery vs Audience Targeting.

I am aware of the limitations of running multiple form-based experiments on a certain page (related to priorities), but at times, the URLs are extremely complicated and cannot be constructed using the "page delivery" section of the VEC, therefor, in that case we would have to use a form-based experiment which instead of "page delivery", uses audience refinement.

My question is, whether there is any drawback in approaching this sort of issues, in another way, would it be possible to keep using the VEC, setting say the homepage  URL under "Page Delivery" and then setting up the correct URL (where I actually want the experiment to run, say on a page down the funnel) on the audience section, under "Current page, url, contains" etc.

Example (provided my experiment is build using code, so I wouldn't actually need to make any modifications with the VEC)

Say for instance I need to set up an experiment on this URL: https://abc.co.uk/xyz?e=e1s4&curPage=opq , using the VEC, under page delivery I would need to set the URL up as:

URL:  https://abc.co.uk/xyz​  AND URL contains curPage=opq​ - this approach, as far as I know, does not work using the VEC.

Could I set up the URL as: https://abc.co.uk/xyz​ (which would in theory run the experiment on this page, which is not my intent, but then refine the definition on the audience?)

Audience: Site Pages - Current Page - URL - Contains: https://abc.co.uk/xyz​  AND Site Pages - current page - url - contains: curPage=opq

Is there any drawback in doing this? If I am not wrong, the experiment wouldn't run on this page: https://abc.co.uk/xyz​ as the audience definition would prevent this to happen, is this correct?

By doing this, I could avoid the drawbacks of priority issues for example of wanting to have multiple form-based experiments running concurrently on the same page.

Please let me know,


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If you want the test running on: https://abc.co.uk/xyz?e=e1s4&curPage=opq the easiest way to do that woudl be to configure the activity URL to run on: https://abc.co.uk/xyz?e=e1s4&curPage=opq the end. No need for special audience. I'm sure there is more context that I've just missed so if that is the case please help un-confuse me! I've sent you some screen-shots to help show you how to do this.

If I did a good job please like, mark as helpful and mark as answer. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Here is how to get to the screen where you configure the URL for the Target VEC:

Here is option 1 for the Activity entry URL:

I don't know why you woudl want to do this unless targeting multiple pages however you could break it down like this:

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