Target in app

RG_riccardo 09-08-2017

Hi All,

we would like to have some examples of how Target is used in an app.

We would like to see how the locations are implemented (iOS and android) and how the activities (offers) are created using "Mobile app optimization" feature (in Italian: "Ottimizzazione app mobile")

We are asking this because we are investigating what parts of our app are eligible for being personalized (for this reason we would like to have some information about what are the best practices when we will implement a new offer for a new activity) and what should be the expectations with the Target personalization

Thank you

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Hi Riccardo,

Thanks for your question and apologies for the delayed reply! You should absolutely check out the following resources:

Target for Mobile Apps

Mobile Site and App Optimization Capability Spotlight

Mobile App Engagement on Adobe Experience Cloud

Feel free to reach out if you have more questions - hope this helps!



kanyap49110872 06-03-2018

but this is only for iOS how about native android? I have searched for so many docs on Github but none of them works, I even tried to follow the Adobe documentation but that one also don't work.