Target For Personalization | Clarity Required On A/B, MVT, Experience Targeting



Hi Everyone,

I'm new to Target, exploring for the last few weeks. I have a quick query and I thought of process for it, please suggest if it is right and give your suggestions and help me out. Correct me if I'm missing on some things.

Scenario: Providing different page experience(with extra content) to the audience who are having age >60.

Process 1: 1.  Create a Segment of the audience who are >60

                  2.  Create Experience Targeting to that audience created  along with experience of the general audience

                  3.  Track and generate reports

Process 2: 1.  Create A/B test with different content options

                  2. Analyze reports with the audience(age attribute)

                  3. Experience Target to the respective audience

                  4. Track and generate reports

Basically, I feel Process 1 is correct as I know my Target Audience prior itself. Please suggest if the steps are correct.

Suggest and correct me for this, it will be helpful in my learning and understanding.

Thanks in advance.!


Praveen Chinnam





hi Praveen,

If you are confident enough about changes in, page for people above age 60 won't affect page performance then you should surely go with first scenario.

Scenario 2 would also be safer and the best practice to take time and analyze the effect of changes on page, in case if you are not sure that changes may decrease your page conversion such as engagement on a page, click conversion or customer journey breakage.

choice is yours


Gauresh Kodag.




praveenc63682930​ If you are sure on the Audience, you can safely go for option 1.

Also, there is no in built featre to Target on Age, so you may have to create a cutom audience in order to achive this.