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Revised DTM rule not showing in Target as a location for form based test


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I created a page load rule to fire at the top of the page in DTM and I am currently able to see it if I try to create a form based test in Adobe Target by selecting the Mbox in Location 1. I renamed this rule yesterday lunchtime, including changing the mbox create reference in the sequential HTML.

Unfortunately, since changing the rule name and sequential HTML reference I am not able to pick this as an option.

Should the refreshed DTM rule update across to Target straight away or is there a certain period I should expect to wait before this becomes visible? Can anyone please help advise on this issue, thanks.

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I don't think it updates straight away to Target when you update a rule.  It seems like DTM has to have actual users firing the rule and reporting back to Target.  Once the rule is sending data, then Target recognizes this new data and makes it visible as an option.  So you may just have to wait an hour or two for it to start reporting data.  Then you should see it.



Hi petero52240340

Once  any user visits the Website to fire the newly created mbox, it should then be available in Target UI to create an activity. However it may still take sometime to populate the mbox in the dropdown while creating the activity.

However you still have an option to type the mbox name, while creating a form based activity. This activity would also successfully deliver the content as expected. Please feel free to reach out if you have further followup queries in this regard- Hope that helps.