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REST API and Target Reports


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We have decided to use REST API method to deliver experiences to the users. To find where we need to deliver the offers, we are using wrapped mBoxes as opposed to Target global mbox. this means if we need to change the experience of the Hero Banner on Home page, a specific mBox for that Hero banner will be created and used to change the experience of the users with POST method. In this method, we need to maintain a unique session ID.

Now we would also like to see the performance of the test in Adobe Target console (we are not using A4T) and hence I presume that we need mBox called on all the pages or at least on the required success metrics i.e. add to cart, order or any other success metric I think relevant for me.

Just to avoid creation of mBoxes on an adhoc basis, we are thinking to implement at.js on all pages which will create global mBox on all the pages automatically and will help us in creating any successful event on the fly.

I have some question on this approach.

1. will both methods i.e. Get (at.js) and Post (rest api) will be able to synch each other and provide unified tracking for the test and activities on the website?

2. Which variable/cookies/id I should check for tracking is working?

Below is the 2 responses I get for both the calls for the same user and same browser. PS - I have changed the client name with "client" in the response:

at.js implemented on all pages and triggered below response and not being used for rendering the experiences.


REST API call response (Post method)


Any help based on experience will be greatly appreciated



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Kushsoni - some time has passed since you posted this. Are you still having issues with this?