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Hello, I am very new to Target and have questions. I created a test with  3 experiences. I am currently testing the 3d one. There is a pop-up fixed on each page. There is also a chat window on one of the pages of the site. What needed to happen is the functionality of the chat window in the pop-up. I inserted the chat part HTML code inside the pop-up, did not change the names of any classes so that they can be used by JS of the original site since the functionality needs to be the way it is. I only manipulated the looks. So, now, what happens is it works on firefox but not any other browser. The action needs to happen on click. When I click on the box it pulls up the chat. The click action is not recognized by other browsers. I cleared cache multiple times on all of them but it does not help. I modified HTML in the VEC and added styles in the custom code. What do I do next? 





Hi Natasha ,

 Can you please check if pop up's are not blocked in other browsers in which you are testing . If already enabled , please let us know so that we can further test the issue.


Parit Mittal