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Personalization List component


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Hi All,

We have a requirement where most of the components on a single page will be personalized. We will create segments to define different audiences. The number of audiences based on segements can be 50 or more. We are creating listing components like navigation.

We need help to understand the best approach on its implementation.

We are having following two options:

1- Create offers for each personalized content which get renders for each type of audience. It means if we need to cater 50 types of audiences we need to create 50 offers for one particular peronalized listing component.

Advantage: It is scalable to integrate with Adobe T&T. Personalization of the content will be handled on the client side.

Disadvantage: Maintainance of the offers will be tedious task.

2- Map content pages to segment page. Write custom code to verfiy the segment mapped with the page to the user profile data. Render lists/links of only mapped pages.

Advantage: No need to write different offers

Disadvantage: It is driven server side and will be included on the page by SDI.It can not be cached.

Is there a way we can cache list components with using second approach?

Can we have any client side approach to resolve segments of page with user profile?

Any other suggestions to meet the requirement?



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