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Modification of html body tag does not work on all pages


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in the test version (B) of an A/B test, I would like to add an additional class to the html <body> tag, which changes the design of our product carousels. To do this I use the code modificiation, like displayed below:


In the "Page Delivery" options I additionally set up a rule so that this modification applies to all pages within our domain.

However, it works for all pages but not on our shopping cart page, where the class attribute is not set as described.

Does anybody have an explanation for this? or a recommendation on what else to try out to find the reason?

Many thanks in advance!


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Hi @christiank86512120,

Thank you for reaching out.

Since the issue seems specific to the shopping cart page, in order to better assist you, I recommend submitting a Client Care ticket by sending an email to clientcare@adobe.com with the following details-

- Activity name

- Activity URL

- Steps to reproduce the issue (details on how to navigate to the shopping cart, include screenshots that illustrate what the HTML change should look like)

Once done- we will reach out to you to continue troubleshooting.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for your answer surbgupt​​. In this case it seems to only affect the cart page, so maybe it is specific to our particular cart page.However, this might also be a general problem. Therefore, I am wondering if others might have experiences on a genereal level, with modifications not appearing on specific pages and what the reasons might be...