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*MISSED IT?* Personalization Thursday Webinar: 3/15/18, Program Management for Personalization at Scale



In case you couldn't make it to the 3rd installment of our "Personalization Thursdays" webinar series:

"Program Management for Personalization at Scale"

Date: March 15th, 2018

Time: 10:00am - 11:00am PST

You can watch the WEBINAR RECORDING

Program management has become a top priority for our Target clients as we begin to scale optimization and personalization across a highly matrixed, and often global organization. It’s also extremely valuable in keeping workspaces discrete and efficiency of rolling out new activities. We’ll share the latest developments in program management that will assist with ideation and roadmap development, as well as make it easier to schedule and manage all your activities on-the-go, with valuable alerts and out of the box stakeholder reports.

Post your questions and comments below!

If we didn't get to them during the session Q&A, we'll certainly get to them here

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Below are just a few of the many topics discussed during today's webinar with Brian Hawkins and Drew Burns on managing your organization's personalization program.  Feel free to post any other follow up thoughts/ questions !

Q1. What is the impact of GDPR on the user profile? Especially with PII, like IP addresses?

A1. Lots of interest on this and we'll be talking more at Summit around Adobe's large investment in ensuring compliance with GDPR - check out this resource for more info.

Q2. Is there plan from Adobe to bring in Audience segmentation based on visitor formographic information like Company, Industry, etc.?

A2. We have an integration with vendors like Demandbase that specialize in this formographic data.  A strong majority of our B2B customers, including Adobe ourselves, leverage this data along with the rich data in our unified profile for personalization in ABM.

Q3. How do you match CRM data if your website has no logins?

A3. There are many methods to get a visitor to share their email or other identification data that you can use to link with CRM profiles.  One such method is through email and clicking through from an email campaign.  We can then aggregate the CRM data in a batch upload via api or through our people core service with Customer Attributes

Q5. Any tips on getting people to engage with the "Ideas & Social Voting"?

A5. Gamification (like March Madness poll, it can be a lot of fun and engaging to compete!), and visualization - placing activities and results in a central places, running data out of the system live so that members of your organization can get excited by the data and become more data driven.