Mbox Parameter on Membership Level



We have values for different membership values which include customers that are not logged in (guest).

Assuming a guest is assigned a 0, and then there are different membership levels A, B, C, etc once the customer logs in.   However, once a customer logs out, the session is then considered a guest once again and is reassigned a 0.

Is there a way to overwrite the guest value of 0 with an actual membership value and persist it across the adobe cloud ID?

Or would it be easier to just fire the parameter once on successful login?  Does just firing the mbox parameter once enough to assign to the profile or does it need to fire on every page?





This seems doable with profile scripts.

Profile attributes

I would create a profile script script that was set up to look at mbox.param = whatever value is set (guest, a, b, c). Prior to setting it, you can make sure the user.value is not already set or at the very least that it does not alread contain a or b or c. It should get a free pass the first time around and then go through some if-else logic to overwrite it.





Hi Justin,

Alternatively, ask your implementation specialist (developer) to set the value in the Target profile parameter only when its not a zero. The profile parameter value persists, it is not necessary to set it on every page.