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May 2018 Target Community Top 3's



Greetings, Target Community Members!


It's that time again!

Since our last Top 3 Post from April, we've seen a ton of helpful collaboration among members on the forum

...and it's been awesome!

Additionally, we've been seeing more takeaways from the Personalization track of sessions at Adobe Summit 2018 à la Adobe Target TV, have announced the dates & cities for the Adobe Target Insider Tour, and are continuing to ensure that rich valuable guidance content lives and thrives on Experience League- plenty going on, and always more to come

Here's a *quick snapshot* of the most valued content from your fellow Target Community members in May 2018.

Without further ado, let's take a look back on the last month!

May 2018 Top 3 Community Member Contributors

1. Russ Painter, Ancestry.com

2. Rajneesh Gautam, Pierian.co

3. Stephen Maguire, 123.ie

May 2018 Top 3 Community Member-Authored Threads   ️

1. Exclude from Activity after page loads

2. Target Reporting UI intermittent rendering

3. A4T - Click-tracking on multiple elements

May 2018 Top 3 Re-visited Threads   ️  ️

1. Catalog Has More Products Than Our Feed

2. Auto-Target and Automated Personalization?

2. Is there a way to export Target's metric data with daily granularity?Auto-Target and Automated Personalization?

May 2018 Top 3 Official Threads

1. [SUMMIT] S413 How Delta Air Lines Flew Its Optimization Program to Success

2. [SUMMIT] S714 The Future of Experience Optimization

3. [SUMMIT] S402 -Top Optimization HACKS You Can Do with Adobe Target

May 2018 Top 3 Adobe Employee Contributors

1. Raag Shanker

2. Siddharth Jain

3. Shruthi Naomi

*Any questions or suggestions for items to highlight monthly here? As always, feel free to share your thoughts by replying to the thread below!

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