Let’s Talk Implementation: Optimizing Websites With A/B Testing and Recommendations





Implementations are very critical to the success of any platform strategy. A lot of tech roadblocks arise due to gaps in implementations and integrations.

Let’s Talk Implementation is a series that will expose you to the different ways in which our customers are realizing value from Adobe products through proper implementation.

One of the easiest tools to implement on your website is Target. All it takes is to push a single line of code on your pages. Target implementation can be done at server side or through any tag manager.

Here is the case from a Healthcare client from North America.

Our client wanted help in optimizing the web content by testing and providing personalized product recommendations so they could:

  • Improve online revenue by showcasing targeted promotions
  • Better utilize the real estate of the web pages
  • Provide seamless onsite navigation
  • Use the existing single page application for testing

Our implementation suggestions were around their optimization strategy, these include:

Building on our experiences with similar clients, we have created the Adobe Target implementation guides that serve as a one stop shop for all implementation needs. For more information, refer to follow threadhttps://helpx.adobe.com/target/kb/adobe-target-implementation-guide.html