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Images inconsistently appearing in Activity QA via IE


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Hi all - has anyone else had issues with consistency on IE browsers when testing, specifically Recommendations activities? We are trying to launch an activity but are unable to do so given an inconsistent testing experience across IE browsers, users.

Issue: Images in the Recs activity don't properly display on some IE browsers, so far, V 11.0.85, 11.0.90.


  1. We've tested this within our network (VPN) and outside, personal and work PCs, I even sent the Activity QA URL to my husband and asked him if he saw images or not - for which he never visits my company's website.
  2. All other browsers are working: Chrome (Regular, and Incognito) and FireFox. With and without clearing cookies. Our Adobe Implementation Consulting firm tested and they are having no problem with the images using IE 11.0.43.

Anyone have similar experiences? Or thoughts on why the images aren't showing in certain IE versions?


Missing image experience


Not missing image, IE test by Consultant


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From your first screenshot and second screenshot it appears that different products are being displayed.
The first step would be to go into the catalog and ensure that products "Private Debt: The Rise...", "BNY Mellon Relocates.." and "Roman Regelman, Head..." all have an entity.thumbnailURL defined. If there is no thumbnailURL then that would explain why no image is being displayed for those products but other products are working.

Post back with your findings.

- Rylan


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Thanks, Rylan. Yes, the items have the proper images.  From the screen shots provided, the first two articles are the same - where the images appear in one IE browser and not the other. As mentioned, there's no problem with the images appearing using other browsers.

The Recommendation activity will show different articles to different visitors as we have set the criteria to exclude products (Articles, we don't have 'products' in the traditional sense. Content is our product) that the visitor has already viewed.

If the images weren't showing across all browsers, then I'd be concerned with the content item not having the appropriate files associated.


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When the images are not displaying can you inspect the element using IE Dev tools and confirm that the link for the thumbnailURL is present? If it is not present in the html, then I would check the mbox network response and ensure that thumbnailUrl is present.

You may want to join the Measure Slack slack community.
It has a testing channel where there are numerous knowledgeable Target experts. http://join.measure.chat


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Got a really simple suggestion for something you can try. If you aren't on the latest version of at.js please update to the latest version v1.6.2 (at.js version details) and then try again. This could fix it. Each new version fixes previous issues/bugs. Hope this helps.

Mihnea Docea  | Technical Support Rep, Customer Care | Customer & Employee Experience | Adobe | (:: 1 (800) 497-0335


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Thanks, mikewebguy

We're using 1.5.0, we're going to work on updating to 1.6.2. Hopefully that will fix.