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How Is Adobe Target Billed


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Is Adobe Target billed on every page view of every page where the library is delivered?  Or is it billed for the whole domain where the library is delivered, even if it is not delivered to all pages or site sections within that domain?

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I believe it used to be billed on a per page view basis however that is no longer the case. I believe you get billed the same regardless of the number of page views. Please reach out to you Account Manager for specifics in regards to your Target billing.

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So, what is exactly to be billed with Adobe Target? Page views  or Total server calls? 



Hi kathryns6136032

To have any information regarding Billing, always reach out to your Adobe account manager.

And in case if you face any difficulty reaching out to him/her, kindly raise a ticket with client care @tt-cleintcare@adobe.com.


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