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Help with Email optimization


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Hi - I am new to Adobe Target.

Are there any resources walk-throughs out there that can help me set up an A/B test for email?

I'm told its possible to change the structure or design of email at build time or send time to test variations.

Has anyone done this using Adobe Target alone? Note: I don'd have Audience Manager or Adobe Campaign.



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Hi nicolaih,

I think there is no way to setup A/B test for email optimization without adobe campaign, for more information on this, you can visit following link.

Integrate Target with Adobe Campaign

Use Target with Adobe Campaign to optimize email content.

To optimize your email content--for example, to display different offers for male and female recipients--you can create a redirect offer in Target, then use Adobe Campaign to manage the email offers.

The integration takes place when the email is opened. When the customer opens the email, a call is made to Target and a dynamic version of the content appears. The content consists of a static image supported by all browsers. Target tracks the reaction to the offer at the audience or session level and that data is available in Target reports.

Target can track the following data:

  • User agent
  • IP address
  • Geographical location
  • Segment associated with the visitor's ID in Target (subject to legal approval)
  • Data from Campaign Datamart

There are several limitations:

  • Because only an image can be used, content cannot be personalized.
  • Tracking is not consolidated in Adobe Campaign.
  • No unified user experience.You must use both Target and Campaign to set up different parts of the integration:
    • The rawbox and the experience in Target
    • The delivery in Campaign

Before You Begin

Before you use Adobe Campaign to set up your targeted email offers, set up the following in Target:

Start the activity in Target before setting up the Campaign portion of the integration.

Include a Target Offer in an Adobe Campaign Email

  1. Create an email in Adobe Campaign.
  2. In the email properties, click Include > Dynamic image served by Adobe Target.
  3. Select the default image from the shared assets.
  4. Specify the location (rawbox).
  5. Add any other decisioning parameters, such as the gender of the recipient.
  6. Preview the email, selecting at least one recipient for each offer (in this case, a male and a female).
  7. In Campaign, define the Target Edge server you are using to control the activity and the name of the tenant.
  8. Specify the external account used for the Experience Cloud so you can access the resources in the Experience Cloud.
For more information, refer to the Adobe Campaign documentation.

Thats interesting and thanks for the pointers

I thought there may be a way, forgive me I am not technical, to install Adobe Target server side and intergrate with the Email client my organisation is using.

I found this in Setting up an A/B test using Adobe Target | Adobe Content Corner

Does anyone have any tips on how to use the Form Based Experience composer specifically for AB Testing email (without Adobe Campaign)?


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I am hoping to resurrect this thread

How do we optimize email with Adobe Target (without using Campaign)

Its clearly mentioned as part of Target's offering but I am finding it difficult to support my developers with examples of how to do this...


Does anyone know of a way to submit Amazon SES feedback into Adobe Analytics?

And then conversely:

A way to join SES feedback and test info with Adobe Analytics, likely involving a mapping from web user ID to the “Marketing Cloud ID” used in Adobe.




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I have exactly the same question and I hope this reply will help to resurrect the thread!