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Endless loop in Target and AEM


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Hi all,

I have three different audiences, and users are getting in this audiences with profile scripts. Normally evertyhing worked perfect but then something happened. When a user enters in an audience the page refreshes itself in endless loop. 1586150_pastedImage_0.png

The page that I'm sending targetPageParams function returns this. The html part is an offer which I cannot delete in Adobe Target. When I try to delete it, it says succesfulty deleted but it comes immediately. If you can tell me how to delete this offers from Adobe Target it would be very helpfull.


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Hi Ogüna

Can you please clarify your request for me? Sounds like you think an offer is causing a redirect loop and you'd like to delete it. Are you still wanting the activity/test to run after you delete the offer? How/where was the offer created? You mention AEM in the title. Was this activity created in AEM's author environment? Or was this created in Target's UI? When you try to delete it what UI are you in?




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Yes exactly it's redirecting to itself over and over again. The resolution for me was to configure all audience and offers again, remove configuration from AEM side and create new connection with Adobe Target with different name. I'm just using Adobe Target for profile scripts and doing personalization on AEM side. But when I go Adobe Target-> Offers section I can see there are a lot of offers with old mbox names and the new ones. Are they been created automatically? Why can't I delete them?

The picture I sent is still an issue I think. Because it return an empty script. When I debug it's activity name is actually one of the old ones. After first mbox call I'm getting 3 more of them with the correct activity name. Updated question is why am I getting 3 times mbox responses?

Sorry if I lost the subject. I asked totally different questions, but I don't know, maybe they're related.