duplicated mbox calls on SPA

kathys75015221 25-02-2019


We have a few affected pages that are sending multiple calls to mbox are in a VueJS single page app. We have at.js implemented once in the page and universal-spa.combined.min.js directly after it as recommended here - https://github.com/Adobe-Marketing-Cloud/target-atjs-extensions/wiki/Universal-SPA

Currently we are using the out of the box configuration for the Universal SPA in live and this is producing multiple mbox calls.

Our developer has made a change in our test environment to use the suggested simple config for Universal SPA:

  1. adobe.target.ext.universal.router({rules:[{mbox:'target-global-mbox'}]});

but this is still producing 2 mbox calls...

There is no additional configuration or code within our web app for Target and we are simply including the 2 Adobe provided javascript files in the page. Please can anyone advise how we can make only one mbox call from our page please?



Eric_Vidana 25-02-2019

Without seeing the initiator on for those calls, I presume that the first (or second) is coming from the at.js base code property:

globalMboxAutoCreate: true

Might want to set that to false if you are going to invoke the target-global-mbox on your own as the router goes to work. I am no expert in SPA, just an observation.