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Data extract broken down by visitor ID


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hoping someone can help me here...

some background: I have built a test in Adobe Target ( no data is being passed to analytics as this has not been set up yet)

i am hoping to get a data extract of data for a live test which breaks down by visitor IDs/ daily ( just for clarity when i say Visitor ID this is me assuming that target has some way of identifying each visitor lands on the page is unique when grouping them into their respective Audience buckets)

Essentially what I’m trying to understand is: I have x number of people who land on my homepage – x clicked button 1 x clicked button 2 but both end up on page y ( after going through different funnels) so by using excel and the unique visitor ID I can deduce how many people from each of the buttons landed on Page y eventually..

This was something that I could easily do using the other testing tools in the market ( which is pretty basic function tbh) and so believe it should be able to using Adobe so im hoping its just me that cant figure it out.


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Hi there, if the sole goal is to identify which button is getting clicked then you can pass an mbox parameter with 2 different values, after binding either trackEvents() (if you use AT.js) or mboxUpdate()(if you use mbox.js), with Click event of both buttons.

Imagine the 2 buttons have different classes xyz and abc so code would look like this:

$('.xyz').click(function(event){ // replace xyz with abc and so on


    "mbox": "your_mbox_name",

    "params": {

        "cta": "your-cta-name" // use different names to distinguish between different buttons




Now create 2 Audiences (Rule = Custom, mbox name = your_mbox_name, parameter = cta, value = your-cta-name)

Later in the Goals stage, create 2 goals using newly created Audiences:

Conversion > Viewed an mbox > <your mbox name> > Add Audience Targeting.

Hope this helps.

If you are still looking to get reports by every visitor ID then the best solution is to use Adobe Experience Cloud Visitor ID service and then integrate Target with Analytics. You can find more about it here: Marketing Cloud Help




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thanks for your response - tbh i have no idea how to use mboxes iv never had any training on the tool and it seems that online documentation is not very clear unfortunately.

however my test is currently live so if i do figure out how to use mboxes and add it would it pull the historic test data or only the new from when it was implemented?

is there no way to get a csv file extract with all the data in it? surely thats stored somewhere...

in regards to integration with analytics this is currently not set up and so not a option




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Hi Saba,

1. Data will only be collected from the point when you add new Goals - so no retrospective reporting.

2. Let me know at which step you are stuck while setting up these goals and I'll try my best to help.

3. I am sure Target has all the data stored in internal systems but it doesnt work in an RDBMS way where you can query the data and it extracts requested reports.

Sorry, I know #3 is not what you are expecting but thats what Adobe have resolved through A4T